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Aaron Beinborn, Fitness Instructor

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Aaron Beinborn

I first started my fitness journey with FXB in 2016.  I had tried for a while to get in better shape through diet and exercise but had difficulty sticking with anything consistently.  I was never able to find a gym I enjoyed attending! In 2015 my wife took a new role and we moved our family to Columbus, Indiana (I would continue telecommuting).  One year later, I had no social circle and was generally unhappy with how I felt.  In order to not do "diet systems" again I very reluctantly tried another gym I had heard about from my realtor and from some radio commercials- FXB. 

After the initial shock of a high-intensity interval experience wore off, I quickly discovered that I actually *gasp* enjoyed going to the gym.  I quickly made good friends at FXB in a city where I previously knew virtually no one.  I began coaching 6-months later and then began instructing in fall 2017.  In summer 2021, I moved to Greenwood and quickly fell in love with the hard-working but exceptionally friendly group! I look forward to continuing to deliver high-energy classes with a splash of humor to Greenwood! 

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